Senin, 24 Agustus 2015

Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

Actually post about smoking is highly forbidden on this blog. But still confused regarding want to write. Finally a thought also to the Dji Sam Soe wrote about (234) Super Premium. Smoking ex. sampoerna is indeed a special and somewhat different from the other variants. So did the price, very suitable for those who like to spend money by way of burnt, aka expensive. But if the price of cigarettes that belongs on top of the average storage time for this?
Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

Hanging around I started when I was shopping in the mini market. When paying at the checkout I saw packs of Dji Sam Soe (234) Super Premium colored black with a gold coloured inscription. Because it looks like I finally bought it. Cigarette packs is indeed unique. Not like other cigarette packs biasannya opened from the top, but cigarette packs was opened sideways as we open a book or pencil case.
Dji Sam Soe Super Premium
Before discussing the super premium there is a little story. Dji Sam Soe variant for non-filter myself, to be honest I've ever tried is the dji sam soe that the wrap yellow and dji sam soe limited edition refill. Taste of Dji sam soe and a Limited Edition yellow wrap the same in my opinion, delicious and distinctive. For me this is a true cigarettes. The drawback of just ga no filters so the tobacco like it went into her mouth and taste bitter. Dji sam soe variant for filters, I've tried magnum filter. Magnum pleasure but unfortunately cannot yet match the filter cigarette-smoking non-filter dji sam soe. Buy Dji Sam Soe Super Premium by Sampoerna Online.

Dji Sam Soe back to (234) Super Premium. After the packet is opened, we cannot directly take up smoking. But we must first split the wrappings so that smoking could be taken, also unique in my opinion. In the packaging not found alumunuim kind of foil to keep the flavor. Instead, each individually wrapped cigarettes with gold-colored paper, the same concept like dji sam soe limited edition.
DJI Sam Soe (234) Super Premium is itself a smoking SKT (Kretek Sigaret Hand) non-filters. Be so this is non filter cigarettes the most expensive I have ever bought. When it nyruput, uh suck the meaning. It tastes very similar to smoking dji sam soe plain packaging of yellow and gold limited edition. su because the recipe are also the same (Fatsal-5). The levels of nicotine and TARnya pun (nicotine: 1.4 MG, TAR: 39MG). The little difference is a straw of Dji Sam Soe (234) Super Premium taste more lightly, flavor and aroma is also more awake because each smoking paper wrapped singly.

I think smoking is suitable to own when on enjoy in a quiet place. Because we can feel the real favors. Then is it worth the price? With the quality of the packaging is nice and delicious flavor I think appropriate. But I'm sorry I will not often buy cigarettes. Make the bags broke out bro. Anyway I am not a true smoker a.k.a. can smoke and quit at any time.
Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

If you feel the price of Dji Sam Soe (234) Super Premium is too expensive. The alternative can buy Dji Sam Soe Limited Edition refill. Because it feels the same soap opera.

Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2015

Memulai bisnis konter pulsa di rumah

Beberapa waktu lalu sempat blogwalking mencari ide untuk berbisnis di rumah, sambil nyambi jadi karyawan tidak ada salahnya sambil berbisnis kan.

Dari beberapa ide yang ada di Website ini saya memilih konter pulsa, karena beberapa alasan yang sangat-sangat memenuhi kriteria "kantong kempis" saya.

Nah, setelah menentukan bisnis rumahan dengan modal kecil ini saya cari tahu apa saja sih yang diperlukan untuk memulai bisnis tersebut. Saya segera pergi ke beberapa penyedia server chips multi operator di daerah saya, ternyata syarat nya mudah cukup no telpon saja, tidak ada ktp atau apapun, dan pendaftaran pun gratis, deposit awal pun hanya Rp. 100.000 sudah cukup untuk saya memulai membuka konter pulsa di rumah hehehehehe selanjutnya saya baca kembali artikel di blog tersebut soal memulai bisnis rumahan konter pulsa...

Sesampainya di rumah segera saya print sebuah tulisan sederhana untuk pengumuman bagi tetangga yang lewat jika saya berjualan pulsa, keuntungan lainnya lagi no transaksi bisa dilakukan dari beberapa no, sekalian saja no handphone istri saya daftarkan, jadi saat saya di kantor istri bisa berjualan pulsa.

Ternyata di kantor juga banyak pelanggan, alhamdulilah .... awalnya hanya bisnis nyambi di rumah, ternyata bisa menjadi bisnis sampingan untuk karyawan seperti saya ini, per hari transaksi yang ada bisa mencapai 20 - 30 transaksi, dan keuntungan per transaksi bisa mencapai Rp. 2.000, mungkin belum sebanding dengan bisnis sampingan pembaca, tapi bagi saya uang tersebut cukup membantu keuangan keluarga, bisa untuk uang jajan anak saya hehehehe

Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Teaching My Mother to Blog, Ughh

It can be tough to teach somebody something new. Especially if that someone is a family member or person close to you, because what starts as teaching can often turn into arguing. So you can imagine the things that went through my head when my mother told me she wanted to learn how to create a blog and publish her writing online, and even use social media. I thought to myself - "this is going to be a disaster".

However, once we got started and I actually helped her get a basic, and I mean very basic, blog up and running, it was a very fun and exciting experience overall and we did not even really argue or disagree. Then I showed her how to start a social media account and write about her new blog posts and network with others online. You won't believe what happened a couple of days later. Keep in mind. Before this, my mother knew absolutely nothing about social media, or posting things online. She would ask me for help with checking her email or saving a file. But within two days of me introducing her to the world of social media and blogging she actually came to me and showed me that she had setup her very own social media account, had a post linking back to her blog, and had gotten up to over 100 social media followers! I was amazed. I was very surprised she had come so far. It just goes to show how easy it can be to get started with your own blog. Whether it be for your personal hobby of collecting Village People dolls (Don't Ask). Or for your internet marketing business helping to promote your products or affiliate products associated with your niche.

The whole point is that anyone can learn how to create content on the internet. Even my 64 year old mother who has trouble with email. You just need to show some dedication and take action to achieve your goals. Just like my favorite Walt Disney quote I always use "The way to get started, is to quit talking and begin doing." I love that quote. It rings so true for really anything you want to achieve in life. If you just sit around talking about what you want to achieve and never do anything to try and achieve it. Nothing is going to come of it in the long run. Is that what you want to happen to your goals of being a successful internet marketer? Of course not! Find out how you can get all of the traffic you need to be successful online using simple tactics that create loads of social media traffic. Targeted visitors for free that will earn you a huge amount of sales. All of these things and more at

My name is Dave Maguire and I am the Owner, CEO of Right On Web Marketing, or ROW Marketing. I make my own products and market them as well as marketing affiliate products for others. This involves a lot of writing. Whether it be for articles, blog posts, sales copy for products, or reviews of products it takes a lot of time, but is necessary for an internet marketer. So check out my blog to find more useful internet marketing information and tips at

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